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The mitochondrion conformation and the contents of conjugated polyamines were investigated using the embryos of developing wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grains of two cultivars differing in drought tolerance as experiment materials. After drought stress treatment for 7 days, the relative water content of embryo and relative increase rate of embryo dry weight of the drought-sensitive Yangmai No. 9 cv. decreased more significantly than those of the drought-tolerant Yumai No. 18 cv. Furthermore, the changes in mitochondrion conformation of Yangmai No. 9 were more marked. Meanwhile, the increases of the contents of conjugated non-covalently spermidine (CNC-Spd) and conjugated covalently putrescine (CC-Put) of Yumai No. 18 were more obvious than those of Yangmai No. 9. Treatment with exogenous Spd not only alleviated the injury of drought stress to Yangmai No. 9, but also enhanced the increase of CNC-Spd content and inhibited the change in the mitochondrion conformation of this cultivar. The treatments of Yumai No. 18 with two inhibitors, methylglyoxyl-bis (guanylhydrazone) and phenanthrolin, significantly inhibited the drought stress-induced increases of CNC-Spd and CC-Put contents of the cultivar, respectively. Meanwhile, the treatments with the two inhibitors aggravated the injury of drought stress to Yumai No. 18 and enhanced the change in the mitochondrion conformation of this cultivar. These results mentioned above suggested that the CNC-Spd and CC-Put in embryo mitochondrion membrane isolated from developing grains could enhance the wheat tolerance to drought stress by maintaining the mitochondrion conformation.


D X Liu, H L Liu, H Y DU, H P Liu, R Kurtenbach. Relationship between polyamines conjugated to mitochondrion membrane and mitochondrion conformation from developing wheat embryos under drought stress. Journal of biosciences. 2021;46

PMID: 33785679

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