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Gene Symbol:
BEAN1 Homo sapiens Homo sapiens
Full name:
brain expressed associated with NEDD4 1
BEAN, SCA31, protein BEAN1, brain-expressed protein associating with Nedd4 homolog
Genomic Location:
Chr 16: 65018120-65074249
The protein encoded by this gene is one of several proteins that interact with NEDD4, a member of a family of ubiquitin-protein ligases. These proteins have PY motifs in common that bind to the WW domains of NEDD4. NEDD4 is developmentally regulated, and is highly expressed in embryonic tissues. Mutations in this gene (i.e., intronic insertions of ...
Mus musculus Rattus norvegicus Macaca mulatta Gallus gallus
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chr 16

GO Molecular Function

No molecular functions found.

GO Biological Process

No biological processes found.

GO Cellular Component

integral component of membrane | intrinsic component of membrane | membrane