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PubChem Substance
Name: attapulgite
PubChem Substance ID: 168300
ATTAPULGITE; Attapulgus clay; 12174-11-7; Actapulgite; Attapulgite, activated; 37189-50-7; Attaclay X 250; HSDB 410; Palygorskit [German]; Palygorskite ((Mg(Al0.5-1Fe0-0.5))Si4(OH)O10.4H2O).
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Name: attapulgite
Name (isomeric): DB01574
Drug Type: small molecule
CAS number: 12174-11-7
Indication: When used in medicine, it physically binds to acids and toxic substances in the stomach and digestive tract. For that reason, it has often been used in antidiarrheal medications. Attapulgite is an adsorbent.
Pharmacology: Attapulgite is an adsorptive magnesium aluminium phyllosilicate which binds to toxins, bacteria and water.
Mechanism of Action: Attapulgite adsorbs water, toxins and bacteria, contributing to firmer stools, reducing fluid loss from diarrhea.
Drug interaction:
TetracyclineFormation of non-absorbable complexes
MinocyclineFormation of non-absorbable complexes
PenciclovirThe multivalent agent decreases the effect of penicillamine
LincomycinThe aluminium salt decreases the absorption of lincosamides
DoxycyclineFormation of non-absorbable complexes
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