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Name: metocurine
PubChem Compound ID: 21233
Molecular formula: C40H48N2O6+2
Molecular weight: 652.819 g/mol
METOCURINE; Tubocuraranium, 6,6',7',12'-tetramethoxy-2,2,2',2'-tetramethyl- (9CI); N,N',O,O-Tetramethyl-(+)-tubocurine; C07919; 33335-58-9; Chondrocurarine, O,O'-dimethyl- (8CI); 5152-30-7; BRN 3583380; O,O'-Dimethyltubocurarine; 13H-4,6:21,24-Dietheno-8,12-metheno-1H-pyrido(3',2':14,15)(1,11)dioxacycloeicosino(2,3,4-ij)isoquinolinium, 2,3,13a,14,15,16,25,25a-octahydro-9,18,19,29-tetramethoxy-1,1,14,14-tetramethyl-, (13aR,25aS)-.
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Name: metocurine
Name (isomeric): DB01336
Drug Type: small molecule
Category: Neuromuscular Nondepolarizing Agents
CAS number: 5152-30-7
Indication: Metocurine is a muscle relaxant.
Mechanism of Action: Metocurine antagonizes the neurotransmitter action of acetylcholine by binding competitively with cholinergic receptor sites on the motor end-plate. This antagonism is inhibited, and neuromuscular block reversed, by acetylcholinesterase inhibitors such as neostigmine, edrophonium, and pyridostigmine.
Drug interaction:
TobramycinThe agent increases the effect of the muscle relaxant
QuinineThe quinine derivative increases the effect of the muscle relaxant
AzathioprineThe agent decreases the effect of the muscle relaxant
PhenytoinPhenytoin decreases the effect of the muscle relaxant
AminophyllineTheophylline decreases the effect of muscle relaxant
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